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My name is Iddrisu Sadik Debabs. A young, passionate internet Marketer, Dropshipper, Freelancer, Web Developer, YouTuber, and Affiliate Marketer.

I Have been on the internet for the past six years and gathered a lot of experience from my chosen niche during these periods.

Iddris got exposed to the internet in the late year of 2011 when he was at the senior high school.

At that time he only knows How to create an email and also How to use Google and Yahoo to search. But what he didn’t know was the fact that one can use the internet to make a living.

After his senior high school final exams, he decided to get a part-time job that can earn him something before their exams results are out.

As a young man from one of the poorest region of his country, he looked for something do but couldn’t find one.

One day, he was doing his normal search on the internet, and he came across an article with the title ” How to make money on the internet”, immediately he clicked on the link and was taken to the article page.

In the article, the author listed about 12 ways to make money online and one among them 12 was blogging.

As a young senior high school graduate, he finds more interest in the blogging, and there he searches on google again ” How to create a blog” Many articles popup and he went through several of them.

He realized there are two types of blogs he can start – Hosted and self-Hosted.

Almost all the articles are recommending a self-hosted blog, but at that time he does have the money to start a self-hosted blog.

Being a passionate young boy, he decided he will start with the hosted blog and then later he gets money and move to self-hosted. He then decided to start a blog on

The first blog was about basic IT tips and trick.

He started writing articles about how-tos, soon he was able to gather some few cash and then purchase a custom domain and a web hosting to start a fully functional blog.

This passionate young man has now owned three popular blogs and two YouTube Channels.

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