I will make you a Mobile App Developer with ZERO coding for GH₵ 15

About This Job

This offer is not GhC15. You can't have access to an App builder for a life time for GhC15..

Do you want to make money making apps for yourself or for businesses and charge them every month for life? If you answered yes, then this gig is for you...

The number of smart phone users in the world is increasing exponentially everyday. Investing to be an app developer really pays. Can you imagine creating apps or mobile websites for churches, restaurants, shops, boutiques, barbers, musicians, etc and charge them every month? Thanks goodness you can build apps in minutes, yes minutes, with no special skills.. Yes, if you can read this, you can build apps

Experience level : Beginer. You don't need any special training. It's just 'add-and-drop' features to create your apps in minutes.

I will give you access to an online App Builder platform for a lifetime.

You can build and publish Apps for iOS, Android, Kindle, and also build mobile websites.

There are over 100+ templates for restaurants, sports, entertainment, e- commerce, portfolio, games, etc.

The Features include (but not limited to):

* Fast: Only minutes to design

* Use HTML, CSS, Javascript.

* Create Images easily

* GPS and locations integration

* RSS feeds

*Voice Recording integration

* Make money from Ads or In-App purchases


You can create and develop an Apps business and charge business owners monthly. You can make more money by monetizing your international apps with mobile ad companies.

For just $250 (GhC1000), you get LIFETIME access to build unlimited number of apps and upload to PlayStore, Apple market, Amazon, Kindle... If you have business acumen, you'd know this is a rare opportunity. The cheapest you can get a similar offer is $25/month.. This is just ONE TIME GhC1000, NO WEEKLY, MONTHLY, OR ANNUAL FEES...(Negotiable if you order before December 7, 2016)..


Q: Will my account be available for a lifetime?

A: Yes, your account will be available for a lifetime. There's no subscription fee, no monthly nor yearly fee.

Q: Are the Apps published under my own developer accounts in stores?

A: Yes, the apps are published under your own developer accounts in stores. (Google charges a one-time fee of $25, Apple charges an annual (yearly) fee of $99, Amazon charges no fee)

For iOS, you can use the Apple Developer Account of the App Builder without fee.

Q: How many apps can I publish?

A: Unlimited for all shops.

Q: Do I need special skills to create apps?

A: No, you do not need special skills to create apps. If you have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, you can create sophisticated apps, but this knowledge is absolutely not necessary to create apps.

Q: Is it possible to include web pages or websites in the app with just the URL?

A: Yes, if your web page or website is responsive.

Q: Are there video tutorials?

A: Yes, a lot of video tutorials are available. These tutorials are easy to follow.

Q: Is there any software to download?

A: No, there is no software to download. You only need a web browser

Q: If I create apps for customers, can they send Push notifications without accessing my account?

A: Yes, you can give customers a restricted access, so they can send Push notifications without accessing your account

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